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My Mums Vintage Ralph Lauren Jumper & My Leopard Dress

I recently found my mums old vintage Ralph Lauren Jumper which she has had for over 18 years and I love it, it is so casual and cool :)

This is a picture of my In Love With Fashion Dress which I cannot stop wearing at the mo :) I wore it with my favourtie Jeffrey Campbells and some frilly socks from primark for £1 in the sale, Bargain :)

A Few Pics Of What I Have Been Wearing :)

Well I have been camera shopping as I know my picture quality is terrible so very soon I will have better looking Pictures :) yippee. I love this outfit I wore to a meal I went to with the boyfy :) I wore it with my white blazer, H&M shirt, H&M Snakeskin Leggings & Chelsea boots :) I like the plainess of this outfit but my red lips jazzed it up :)

I really cannot get enough of my £3 hat, I really does cover up a bad hair day, I wore it with my Topshop blouse, H&M leather shorts, Topshop Tights and Jeffrey Campbell Litas.

Well I was having a pretty casual day and for once I didnt wear heels :) My feet needed a rest & I love my converse they are so comfy, and how nice is my H&M £5 bobble hat. I love it. There are so many bargains out there at the moment :) Hope you like. xPx

This Weeks Outfits

I cant get enough of my brown floppy hat, it makes me feel very Boho. I love it, and it was such a bargain at £3. I wore it to out the other day when I went for a meal with my boyfriend :) the skirt is so cute to, its a lovely colour.

I love this blazer , it is so lovely and very chic, I wore it with my Miss Selfridge Gold Shorts and H&M shirt, and gold necklace. I love this outfit, I had red lips to add a bit of colour, but the picture quality is not very good, Sorry I will invest in a camera, very soon :) 

My Leopard Midi Dress

This is my new gorgeous Topshop Midi Leopard Dress, and I love it, it does feel weird though wearing a not long, but not short dress. I definatly think that it only looks good with heels. (on me anyway) Sorry the picture quality is bad, I will post a better picture tomorrow :) Hope everyone loves this dress as much as I do. I also wore it with my big brown floppy hat, Jeffrey Campbells & Gold wrist cuff. Hope you like xPx

I Love My Gold Shorts :)

I picked up these bargains from Miss Selfridge the other day & I love them. I have wanted some for so long and luckily they had my size left. Yipee :) I think they are soo cute and I have so many clothes to go with them. They were £15 and I used my voucher towards them , so they were basically free, even better :) Hope you like xP x

Baby Its Cold Outside

Well it has been so windy, rainy & cold where I live, so its been no shorts & dress for me. And for the first time ever I wore a pair of jeans :) They are lovely bright red ones from Miss Selfridge for £38, I am wearing them with my Topshop cut sleeve shirt for £36, and my ever favourite J.C Litas.

I went shopping today to see if I could pick up any bargains but unfortuantly Topshop just wasnt doing it for me, but Zara was great. I picked up a fur coat & some leopard jeans. I will blog them soon :) I wanted to wrap up very warm today so wore, my barabour green jacket, with River Island Knitted leggings & Topshop Chelsea boots.Hope you like :) It was a practical outfit . Sorry about the poor camera quality too xxx

How cute is this jumper :) I love it , I saw a more expensive version in Topshop but found this little bargain on EBAY for £14.99 , and I love it. It looks great with a shirt underneath and some cool brown borgues :)