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Celine Faux

How amazing is my Celine Replica bag. And surprisingly it is great quality. It was £19.99 so an absolute bargain as well. I am in love with it. And hopefully one day I will own the real thing hehe xoxo

Celine bag-eBay

Topshop roll neck

I am in love still with my Topshop Roll Neck jumper :) it is so snug. I wore it to dinner with my friends we went to TGI's which was so yummy . I wore it with my leather shorts & Chelsea boots. I wanted to look casual but not too relaxed. I love leather shorts and these are so comfy .


What I Wore To My Sisters Party

Well it was my sisters surprise 18th birthday party. And I didn't have a clue what to wear. I like to feel casual when I'm out and am not really a huge fan of getting over dressed up. I always feel comfier without the false lashes/extensions. And thought this outfit was perfect. I felt comfortable in it dancing all night long.

I wore a Topshop skirt. Topshop crop. Primark shoes & Asos Chain.


Last weeks outfits

Hey lovelies :)

I absolutely am obsessed with my Chanel & Celine top . They literally go with everything I can wear either one with shorts a skirt , with jeans they are very dynamic. I wore my Chanel tee to the cinema with my boyfriend with my Levi shorts & Topshop Dr Marten inspired boots.

Hope your all having a fab weekend x

Benefit Bloggers Event

I was lucky enough the other day tone invited to the Benefit Blogger Event. And I must say it was fab. The Hostess's were fab and flawless . I am such a huge fan of the products. My favourite is "Pore Professional", we all had a lemon and one half we applied it to the lemon and the other half we didn't. The difference was incredible. It just goes to show that Primer should always be part of the make up regime. The packaging of the products ate gorgeous I never want to through then away :) hope you like the pics :)

Here are a few outfits I've worn the past few weeks :)

So bad at blogging

I am sorry for the lack of posts.... I have admittedly been focusing on my Instagram @poppylovesfashion. But I am back and dedicated to get my blog up and running :) here it goes....