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Welcome To My Blog :) Comment Or Follow If You Like What You See xxxx

I Cannot Stop Wearing My Snakeskin Leggings They Are Adorable

I know I have blogged previously about my love for my H&M Snakeskin leggings but I just love them. They are fab and are the comfiest things ever to wear. :) I wore them today for my cinema date with my H&M Silk Shirt & Topshop Chelsea boots :) xx

Purple Velvet Dress

This is my Ebay bargain Purple velvet Skater Dress it was a bargain at £12.99 and was a gift from my boyfriend. I am loving velvet at the moment :) A lot of people hate the feel but i love it . I do know that Topshop's velvet dress's are now half price too, so I may have to buy another to add to my purple & gold Topshop one x

So Much Love For Animal Print

I love love love my leopard print boots they are sooo comfy too :) I am soo glad I bought them, they have some more in the sale now too.

I am loving all of the animal print on the high street at the moment. I especially love this tiger print dress, it is gorgeous :) I have so many animal print dresses too. I am wearing this dress with my favourite Topshop leather jacket, Topshop Cross Necklace & my new Topshop Chelsea boots :) Hope you like 

I love My Silk Shirt it is gorgeous :)

My dad bought me this gorgeous oversized silk shirt for Christmas and I love it . The picture quality here is terrible so sorry about that. I am wearing it with my Snakeskin Topshop Shorts, Jeffrey Campbell Litas, my faux fur hat & my gorgeous Zara bag :) I wore this to the cinema with the boyf :) We also went for a TGI'S which I love. Yummy :) x P

I Love My New Bright Pink Shirt

I hope you all had a marvellous Christmas :) & hope Santa brought you all lovely gifts :) I popped to the sales on Boxing Day & came across this beauty, (the pink shirt) it was a bargain at £7, I was so happy to find it, I cannot wait to wear it with my leather shorts and new leather trousers also I found my Zara blue blazer too, so I am wearing that again now  :)  x

I am In Love With My Mums Tweed Jacket

I am in LOVE with my mums H&M Tweed blazer it is gorgeous :) I love the arm pads too. It was really hard to track this one down as apparently this jacket sold out in most stores. So I was very glad when I saw my mum had purchased it, luckily we are the same size so I can borrow it Yay! I am wearing it here with my H&M leather shorts and Topshop Blouse and Jeffrey Campbells :)

Over the knee tights with 3 different outfits :) which one is your favourite ?

 I am having a massive tights addiction at the mo. I love the over the knee ones and the glittery ones. Here I am wearing them with my new bargain Ebay dress I bought for £9.99. which outfit do you like the tights with the most ?

This is a picture of my Topshop Jumper , Topshop Shorts , Topshop blouse and Jeffrey Campbell boots :) As you can tell alot of Topshop.

This is my more casual outfit, I love wearing my converse at the moment they are so cool. I wore them with my H&M grey vest, Topshop shorts and Topshop Green Jacket.

I Am In Love With Over The Knee Tights This Winter

I Am Loving over the knee tights and all of the crazy and funky tights on the high street at the moment. I have found some great ones at Topshop recently :) and for £8,50 I think thats a bargain. But if you are lucky enough to get your hands on some from Primark for £2 that is even better , however they are always sold out. Not Fair. Also its 8 days til Christmas , I hope everyones got all their presents and are excited for the visit of Mr Santa Clause :) xx

I Love My Green Faux Fur Coat :)

This is a picture I took at my dads house a few weekends ago :) Me and My dad went for lunch and I remember it was freezing outside , so I did a fashion NO NO and wore a faux fur hat and jackets oopsy! BUT it was freezing so I wanted to keep nice and warm. The Hat is Primark, The top is Topshop and so is the jacket.

My New Snakeskin Leggings

I was so excited to have finally found some snakeskin leggings :) and they are H&M. The boyfriend treated me as a pre0Christmas treat so thanks Tom :) They are so lovely and will look great with my new white blazer and just a plain rock top. I wore them today for my cinema date with my Topshop  leather jacket (which I can not stop wearing) and my Jeffrey Campbells. Hope you like them x

This picture is not the best but I wanted to show you them on :)
Also thank you to everyone supporting and liking my blog it means so much to me :) Thankyou very much lots of love P xxx

Our Cute Christmas Tree :)

Well Christmas is 10 Sleeps away and I cannot wait for Santa to come, on my list are some more Jeffrey Campbell boots, the Lady Gaga book and dvd, A New White Blazer, some more Dr Martens and a Topshop Velvet dress :) But I will be happy with whatever he brings me :) We have finally put our Christmas tree up aswell :) It looks so cute , this is mainly down to my lovely mummy so thanks mum :) xxx

Its Getting So Chilly Outside But Wheres The Snow

It has been so cold out recently so what better way then to have lots of nights in watching The X-Factor. I really want it to snow aswell, as snow always makes it feel more christmassy. I hope everyone has done their Christmas shopping? I havent even finished yet (oopsy) I wore this outfit on the weekend whilst shopping :) My coat is Primark and is so cosey. The Peter Pan collar top is Primark , The shorts are H&M and the boots are River Island :) 

A Massive Thankyou :)

I just wanted to say a massive thankyou to everyone whos followed and visited my blog. My blog has only been up for about 5 weeks and already it has nearly hit 600 views so thankyou very much :) Please Share my blog if you like it lots of love P x

My Leopard Dress Finally Arrived

Well it was only 11 days late but finally my LOVE leopard dress arrived. It was a gift from my cousin however the company delivered it to the wrong address, then apparently it got lost but finally I recieved it today and I am so happy. I cannot wait to wear it with my Jeffrey Campbell boots and over the knee socks/ tights. It is so gorgeous and is gonna look great with my fur coat or leather jacket. It was £45 and is definatly worth the money however Boohoo.com have a cheaper version on their.

I Am Addicted To Hats

Well its so cold outside at the mo and I cannot stop wearing different sorts of hats, furry ones, wolly headbands and many others to keep my head warm, plus they are such a good cover up for when I have a bad hair day. I also love washing my hair everyday which apparently is very bad for your hair as it doesnt let the natural hair oils cleanse your hair, so wearing hats allows me to wash it every other day now and not worry about bad hair days. Primark have some great hats at the moment , grab yourself a bargain :)

Todays Two Looks :)

I popped into town today to get some Christmas presents and to exchange some things. I cannot believe it is just 3 weeks til Christmas eek . Has everyone got their presents yet ? I know I will be shopping on Christmas Eve I am very Last minute :) hehe. The Top on the above pick is Topshop Boutique The shorts are H&M, and the boots are Jeffrey Campbell. :) The brown ones are on my Christmas list x

This is the black fur hat I bought today and it was a bargain from Primark at £5 I saw it and had to have it. It is going to keep my head warm in the winter and be a good cover up for a bad hair day.

My New Items Have Arrived

These are my new Jeffrey Campbell boots that arrived yesterday, I cannot wait to wear them all the time. I will put some pics up :)

Aswell as my boots my new Zara bag arrived 2 days ago , I have already been using it all the time. As soon as I got it I put all of my stuff in it. It is so big. And is so handy for christmas shopping. 

My Cross Top

This cross top from Topshop is my absolute fav at the mo. I can wear it with anything. Recently I have been wearing it with my leather shorts some over the knee tights and even my leather leggings and Dr Martens. It was a bargain at £22 aswell :) I love it  

I am ADDICTED to my fur hat :)

I cannot get enough of this fur hat is it so comfy and covers up a bad hair day plus it goes with everything, I wanna get a black one now too :) I wore it with my Topshop beaded jumper, my H&M shorts and my tassel boots. 

Our Arts And Crafts Fair :)

Me, my mum and my sister took part in an Arts And Crafts Fair, we made some things like present labels as well as tree garlands and cakes. My mum is definatly the more creative person in the family she is so good at making things, unlike me and my sister who ate most of the cakes we were selling. This fair was also to raise some money for charity too :) We had so much fun and made over £70 for charity. One lady bought 9 of our cakes they were so tasty. This is a picture of me and my younger sis Jessie on the stool (excuse but we have no make up on) it was a very early start x

These are the cute labels my mum made that we were selling on the stool. One lady bought 12 so we had to make more .

These are the gorgeous garlands mum made they are made :) gorgeous