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Christmas In 25 Days :) Eek

I have been so busy the past few days, I have been shopping twice, have done 
Zumba 3 times, went to the cinema to watch Breaking Dawn for a 2nd time, along with lunch with my friends and loads more.  So have just found the time to blog the past few days outfits along with my lovely new purchases :) I have become addicted to internet shopping at the mo and have found so many bargains on Ebay. The Peter Pan collar top is off of Ebay and was a bargain at £12.86 (I wont it after outbidding someone else yipee) the Jacket is Zara I have worn this so much the past few weeks. The sequin hotpants go so well with this outfit too I wore this with my new Jeffrey Campbell black boots (photos to come). I wore this out this weekend, I didnt party but instead went for a few drinks with the girls :) 

I am in love with these Topshop denim shorts at the mo, I got treated by my nan who was lovely enough to buy them for me, they are amazing, I wore them out to the cinema with my green shirt (as above) and my Topshop studded slippers. By the way I am off to watch Breaking Dawn for a 3rd time tomorrow .....A THIRD TIME. I am definatly a twi-hard. My excuse is that I had to watch it with my boyfriend then again with my friend then tomorrow with my sister :) hehe

I wore this out to dinner last Saturday night, me and the boyfriend went out to a lovely chinese restuarant  called Cosmo. Its all you can eat and I made the mistake of wearing my gorgeous sequin hotpants, there was no extra room in these and by the end of the night after lots of sushi , I could not breathe. But there was always room for desert :) The furry jacket is Zara and is so warm and comfy to wear.

This picture does not do my top justice however it is a lovely, very detailed tassel top in cream from Topshop, I wore this out shopping last Sunday. I wore it with my H&M leather shorts and my green Fake Fur coat, this definatly kept me warm as it was so cold outside, and shopping outdoors in the freezing cold is not good. I have been on  the look out for some velvet shorts but havent found any yet. If anyone knows please help ?

I wore this today out Christmas shopping with nanny Annie, the denim shorts are old skool Topshop and the Green shirt is as before. I wore the jumper as it was so cold out today plus it was raining , I need to buy an umbrella. I have bought one Christmas present as of today, wahoo so thats one out of the way , only another 200 to go hehe. I have just came back from Zumba and I must say If you want to get fitter Zumba is the answer, I am very exercise shy and hate the gym however Zumba is a fun way to get fit, I am trying to lose a few pounds as at Christmas I eat way to much chocolate. 25 days to Christmas and counting. I get to open my advent calendar in 2 days yipee.  

I went out this weekend for my friends 21st and we went out for cocktails then off out to Party :) I decided to wear my new Zara Blazer over my Topshop High waisted shorts and leopard shirt . My Blazer got lots of compliments that night aswell. I know that I am going to wear it all the time, with leather leggings or velvet shorts. So it was worth the price. I got it from their cheaper/ younger TRF range. Which I love.The leopard Shirt is my mums and think it was from Karen Millan. Its so nice though.

I have just came back from shopping with the boyf and thought I'd blog my new items , I had to stop myself from buying too much as Its not Payday YET :( This is my new T-shirt I bought today from Topshop , I also bought some gold cross earrings and some over the knee tights which will look great with my leather shorts (pictured) and this is my lush new cardigan I got today from Topshop it was a bargain at £48 I just had to have it. It is so cosy surprisingly. The Studded slippers are Topshop.

This Fake Fur coat is Newlook and was a bargain at £25 I have wanted one for sooo long and finally found one that I liked. It goes great with my Zara Leopard Shorts and Just a plain Baggy tee. I am going to get so much wear out of it this winter as it is soo chilly at the mo. By the way 31 days to christmas eek. I cannot wait. Well I am off to see Breaking Dawn for the second time with my friend Harriet now but first were off to eat a whole lot of food at TGI's ...yummy 

Have a lovely day P x

Breaking Dawn Team Jacob

I went to the Cinema and couldnt wait to see Breaking Dawn it was alot different to what I thought it would be like. Infact it was better than what I thought. I am off again on Wednesday to watch it again with my friend Harriet. I am SO in love with Taylor Lautner now he is sooo HOT. Especially in this film I cannot wait for part 2 but It is a whole year away :( So upset. But I did watch the trailer for A Week With Marilyn and can't wait to watch it. Michelle Williams looks great as Ms Monroe.
My Jacket is Topshop, The shorts are H&M the peter pan collar top is Motel and the studded slippers are Topshop.The Leopard Green and black scarf is H&M.

I love my new furry winter hat . It definatly keeps my head warm :) The outfit I am wearing is above. 

This is the outfit I wore the other day when I went out Birthday shopping with my dad to get some birthday treats :) I wore the blouse under the Topshop jumper as it was freezing out. But I love these winter nights being all snuggled in bed with hot chocolate and watching Step Brothers. But this time of year its more Elf and the Grinch. These make me more excited for Christmas :)
The Jumper is Topshop, The shorts are H&M, The blouse is Topshop and the Tasseled boots are River Island.

In love With My Gold Velvet Dress

I have been lame blogging the past week as It was my 21st Birthday so I have been a very busy bee, I had a wonderful time and got spoilt. I had money for a new car off of my dad, money clothes, Chanel and Burberry Perfume, Some Jeffrey Campbell boots and a Marc Jacobs Watch. Then the boyfriend surprised me with a surprise and very romantic meal with all my presents and baloons. I had a great Birthday :)
I wore this to pop into town for a few bits and bobs the velvet dress is Topshop, the leather jacket is Topshop and once again I wore my favourite leopard boots:)

This is the Zara Shopper Tote I have just ordered I cannot wait, this is gonna be so handy around the christmas period, just chucking all of my items in it whilst shopping. Olivia Palermo was spotted with this bag and within 24 hours it had sold out luckily I have gotten my mitts on one :) too excited for it to arrive. It was a bit pricey at £89.99 but I thought why not ... treat myself. hehe 

Love P xx

The Amazing Jeffrey Cambell Boots Im Getting :)

These are the most hottest boots I have seen for agesss. I spotted them In Harvey Nichols today and I cant wait to get them for my birthday next week. I tryed them on and they are actually so comfortable as the platform is so high. I adore these eek cant wait to get them.

My New Items EEK :)

This Is My cute new jacket from Zara it is sooo comfy aswell, Luckily they had my size left too. The shorts are old but are zara too.

These are the 3 things that I later purchased in Topshop :) The leather jacket I have been undecided whether or not to buy it, but I decided yesssss! the fur on the neck area detaches aswell , it was a bargain at £58. The Jumper is amaze, it is something I can just chuck on , on a lazy day with some leggings but still look cute. The crop was £32 and is going to look so good with some high waisted leather shorts I have too and a big chunky knit or my leather jacket.

This is my new mini pink pleated skirt and Metalic jumper I picked up at H&M . The skirt is so feminine and will look great with some brouges for a casual look, or some cute platform heels to dress it up. The jumper is going to go great with some leather leggings that I NEED to buy. Payday tomorrow so Round 2 :)

Love P x

Cinema Dates,A Yummy Family Meals And A Bit Of Shopping :)

I Am In love with this Topshop Top and Topshop Shorts I wore these When I went shopping where I picked up so many Bargains. Me And My Friend also went to Gourmet Burger for the first time. It was so tasty but I have to say My burger was literally RAW but 3 days after no food poisioning Yipee :)

I wore this on my cinema date with the boyf I really cant get enough of these leopard boots. The Jumper is Topshop and was abit pricey at £58 but I love all the gold beading on it. The Panther gold belt was a bargain though from Urban Outfitters at £18. We watched Crazy Stupid Love this is one of the best films I have seen all year :) Ryan Gosling Is SOOO yummy too :) hehe

I had to do a few errands the other day and it was pretty chilly out so I dressed for comfort and wore My Tassle Moccisons, Green Ripped Cardigan,Tassle Topshop Tops and Denim Cut offs.

We went out for a family meal the other day at Jamie Olivers Restuarant and I must say I was very disappointed not to see Mr Oliver hehe! It was nice to catch up with everyone. I wore my Topshop Boutique Blouse. My Pleated Skirt some vintage Gold Earings and my trusty Leopard boots.