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Christmas In 25 Days :) Eek

I have been so busy the past few days, I have been shopping twice, have done 
Zumba 3 times, went to the cinema to watch Breaking Dawn for a 2nd time, along with lunch with my friends and loads more.  So have just found the time to blog the past few days outfits along with my lovely new purchases :) I have become addicted to internet shopping at the mo and have found so many bargains on Ebay. The Peter Pan collar top is off of Ebay and was a bargain at £12.86 (I wont it after outbidding someone else yipee) the Jacket is Zara I have worn this so much the past few weeks. The sequin hotpants go so well with this outfit too I wore this with my new Jeffrey Campbell black boots (photos to come). I wore this out this weekend, I didnt party but instead went for a few drinks with the girls :) 

I am in love with these Topshop denim shorts at the mo, I got treated by my nan who was lovely enough to buy them for me, they are amazing, I wore them out to the cinema with my green shirt (as above) and my Topshop studded slippers. By the way I am off to watch Breaking Dawn for a 3rd time tomorrow .....A THIRD TIME. I am definatly a twi-hard. My excuse is that I had to watch it with my boyfriend then again with my friend then tomorrow with my sister :) hehe

I wore this out to dinner last Saturday night, me and the boyfriend went out to a lovely chinese restuarant  called Cosmo. Its all you can eat and I made the mistake of wearing my gorgeous sequin hotpants, there was no extra room in these and by the end of the night after lots of sushi , I could not breathe. But there was always room for desert :) The furry jacket is Zara and is so warm and comfy to wear.

This picture does not do my top justice however it is a lovely, very detailed tassel top in cream from Topshop, I wore this out shopping last Sunday. I wore it with my H&M leather shorts and my green Fake Fur coat, this definatly kept me warm as it was so cold outside, and shopping outdoors in the freezing cold is not good. I have been on  the look out for some velvet shorts but havent found any yet. If anyone knows please help ?

I wore this today out Christmas shopping with nanny Annie, the denim shorts are old skool Topshop and the Green shirt is as before. I wore the jumper as it was so cold out today plus it was raining , I need to buy an umbrella. I have bought one Christmas present as of today, wahoo so thats one out of the way , only another 200 to go hehe. I have just came back from Zumba and I must say If you want to get fitter Zumba is the answer, I am very exercise shy and hate the gym however Zumba is a fun way to get fit, I am trying to lose a few pounds as at Christmas I eat way to much chocolate. 25 days to Christmas and counting. I get to open my advent calendar in 2 days yipee.  

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