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My Obsession With Tartan

I am loving tartan, I have always been a fan, I was so lucky to find this tartan skirt on Ebay , it is handmade and is great quality. I am channeling my inner Cher. I love it.

Skirt - Ebay Top - Hnm Shoes- Topshop 

Crop Jumper - Primark Skirt - Ebay 

Punk & Grunge

I am loving the grunge look at the moment, I love the mesh and tartan and all the boots in stores at the moment. Mesh is probably not the best idea this time of year but I love it. Heres a few pics of what I have been wearing...

Skirt- Zara Coat - Boyfriends Top - Primark Boots- Tophop 

Top - Primark Skort - Zara Boots- River Island Necklace- Topshop 

The Bloggers Favourite

I am loving the "Bloggers Favourite" the skort, I love it so much I have it in 3 colours, I love that you can dress it up or down, you can wear it out . I am loving it, and cant wait to get even more.

Jumper- Chanel Skort- Zara Boots - River Island  Shirt- Topshop

Shirt- Topshop Skort - Zara Boots - Topshop 

Breaking into my black & white wardrobe

I am finally back Blogging, and I am so sorry that I havent been blogging for nearly a year!!!

But I am back....and dedicated.

For once I have broken my black and white only wardbrobe. Colour has made its way in, I have added pinks and blues. Even my lovely Lashes Of London dress has made its way into my wardrobe, I am loving adding colours, and am really loving it.

Dress- Lashes Of London

Jumper - Topshop Shorts - Topshop Shoes - Topshop Shirt- Hnm

Playsuit - Motel Shoes - Topshop Accessories- Topshop & Primark