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I Am Addicted To Hats

Well its so cold outside at the mo and I cannot stop wearing different sorts of hats, furry ones, wolly headbands and many others to keep my head warm, plus they are such a good cover up for when I have a bad hair day. I also love washing my hair everyday which apparently is very bad for your hair as it doesnt let the natural hair oils cleanse your hair, so wearing hats allows me to wash it every other day now and not worry about bad hair days. Primark have some great hats at the moment , grab yourself a bargain :)


  1. I love hats especially novelty ones, and as you said, it means that you can leave your hair another day until you wash it! xo


  2. Haha Im glad someone else thinks the same :) washing my hair everyday is very bad! Hats are such a good cover up too xx


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